Erosion Control Services

The use of drains, crushed rock and retaining walls to prevent soil erosion and provide land stabilization is a technique that dates back centuries.

On any form of terrain, Boss Mudjacking will configure and install silt fences, rock gabions, block retaining walls and many other forms of erosion control barriers that may be needed for your jobsite or home. Our erosion technicians will provide a cost efficient design and perform the highest quality workmanship that is on schedule and on time to execute a superior erosion control plan for your project. Boss Mudjacking uses the best quality construction materials that are available which results in a much longer lasting gabion life. Our technicians will always offer multiple designs and implement the most environmentally safe material, products and techniques to minimize the erosion problems. Contact Boss Mudjacking today to schedule a free estimate for your project. Call us now at at 816-301-6261.


Frequently asked questions about erosion control.

What exactly is erosion and erosion control?

Erosion- Is the process in which, frequent wind or water causes soil particles such as dirt or sand to become displaced and transported to another area causing a void where the material originally was located.
Sediment- Is the eroded materials that are suspended in wind or water. Virtually any kind of material can be sediment
Sedimentation- The spreading or deposition of the eroded away material.

What are the forms of soil Erosion?

• Erosion caused from rain,which disperses of soil particles.
• Saturated soil and soil particles from water run-off water, uniform removal.
• Increased relief from elevated areas of land causing water to flow at a higher rate causing rifts in the soil.
• Concentrated flow of water due to run off.
• River Banks causing Natural drainage patterns in the soil and bank sloughing.

What are the main causes of Erosion?

• Heavy rainfall and duration
• Soil type or composition
• Water flow path length & slope

What are some of the Benefits of Prevention Erosion Measures?

• greatly cuts down on rainfall erosion on soil
• Cuts down on water travel speed
• Helps assist with infiltration
• Vegetative shoots can trap soil sediment
• Helps tree roots retain dirt particles
• Helps produce permanent vegetation

You can count on by Boss Mudjacking to provide a superior erosion control plan that is very effective and eco-friendly. Call to schedule a free estimate, please call Boss Mudjacking at 816-301-6261.

Thank you for your continued interest in Boss Mudjacking. We look forward to working on your project in the near future.