Driveway Repair

Concrete driveways are unfortunately prone to sinking down over the years. Fortunately for our customers, we are experts in the art of lifting and leveling driveways back to their original position. 

How We Can Help

Calling us as soon as you notice your driveway beginning to drop, or develop voids underneath the concrete, will save you as much money as possible. 

The smaller the height of the drop or void, the cheaper your repairs will be. When we mudjack, we pump our specially designed Portland cement and soil slurry mix underneath your concrete at a very high pressure, pushing down the settling soil. This high pressure compacts the soil underneath your driveway, preventing further settling as much as possible. The sooner you call Boss Mudjacking, the sooner we can fix any small issues you may have, and prevent them from developing and causing much more costly damage in the future. 

Some Examples of Common Driveway Issues

Sinking at Garage Approach

One of the most common points that your driveway will begin to sink is the entrance to your garage. 

 When home builders dig the foundation for a house, they sometimes over-dig the area and typically back-fill the hole with some of the material they removed. Any soil underneath concrete is always prone to settle over time, and the entrance to your garage is a high-traffic area meaning that this is even more likely to drop. 





Uneven Driveway Panels Can Cause Cracks

When soil settles under concrete, it does not necessarily all settle at the same rate. This means that as the soil under a large panel of concrete in your driveway settles down, one side of the concrete may be more supported than the other. This creates a large amount of pressure across the panel, and can sometimes cause a crack as the side with more settling, and therefore less support, submits to gravity and its own weight, and drops down.


The images below show how the beginning stages of a driveway settling unevenly. We fixed the issue early and prevented any further damage that would have occurred if the homeowners had let the concrete continue to settle.