About Boss Mudjacking

Our work

The vast majority of our work centers around repairing concrete to help homeowners avoid the cost and headache of completely replacing it. 

Concrete can very often sink or become unsupported or uneven as the soil below it settles over time. This can cause a variety of issues: cracks can often form, creating a tripping hazard along with an unpleasant aesthetic; voids underneath concrete can be a perfect home for critters to nest, further disrupting the integrity and safety of the concrete; uneven concrete can cause water to drain improperly, causing pooling and even sometimes water intrusion into a home. 

Mudjacking is the process of lifting, leveling and supporting said concrete to return it to a safe and aesthetically pleasing area. 

Small holes are drilled at strategic places in the concrete, and a Portland cement and soil slurry mixture is pumped through these holes at a very high pressure. This 1500 psi pressure forces the settling soil below to become as compact as possible, therefore minimizing any further settling. We then continue to pump the slurry mixture until the concrete is forced to rise back up as close as possible to its original position.

The History of Boss Mudjacking

Founded by the late Jeff Peterson in 1978, the company was recognized by service professionals as the preferred company for concrete repair due to the quality of work and the integrity of the founder. Over the years, Boss Mudjacking entered the residential market and became the #1 provider to homeowners across the Kansas City Metro.

Boss Mudjacking has a long standing track record of quality work at a fair price, which is always back by our fully transferable five-year warranty. This warranty covers the settlement all of the concrete areas that we service for five years. It is also transferable to new homeowners, should the property be sold within the five years that follow our work.