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A Better Mudjacking Contractor for your Concrete and Foundation Matters

Boss Mud Jacking is a family owned and operated business serving the Kansas City area since 1978. Founded by the late Jeff Peterson in 1978 the company was recognized by service professionals as the preferred company for concrete repair due to the quality of work and the integrity of the founder. Over the years, Boss Mud Jacking entered the residential market and became the #1 provider to homeowners across the Kansas City Metro.  

At an early age his son Chad Peterson was on the job watching and learning the trade.  Since his father’s death, Chad has taken over the business and expanded it further into other regions and expanded the services offered.   

Boss Mud Jacking has a long standing track record of quality work at a fair price with a guarantee that is honored to its clientele.  With methods proprietary to our company, our quality cannot be beat.




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also refered to as - Concrete leveling

What Causes Concrete to Sink or Settle?

Concrete slabs and driveways can be susceptible to settlement from an extremly wide variety of factors. In many areas of the United States, naturally occurring soils can consolidate over time, especially in the areas of the mid-west United States specifically areas ranging from Texas up through to Wisconsin. Soil erosion wash out also contributes to concrete sinkholes and settlement, as this is very common for locations with poor or improper drainage. Concrete driveways or slabs built upon filled-in land can over excessively settle as well. This is common for many homes with basement levels, as the fill material or dirt on the outside of the foundation frequently is not "compacted" properly or at all. In some cases, the concrete slabs pitch down, directing water down towards the basement level. Tree roots can actually heave a slab upwards; this is quite common along public roadways, especially within Metropolitan areas.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a specialty concrete repair technology. In essence, mud jacking attempts to lift a sunken concrete driveway by pumping a grout mixture through the concrete underside, effectively pushing it up from below. The process is also commonly referred to as "slabjacking" and "pressure grouting" as well. Accounts of raising large concrete slabs through the use of hydraulic pressure date back to the early 1900's. Early contractors utilized a mixture of locally available soils (sometimes including crushed limestone and/or cement for strength), producing a "mud-like" substance and thus the term "mudjacking". Modern slabjacking contractors can now utilize an expanding polyurethane foam, providing a multitude of benefits when compared to traditional slabjacking materials. The slabjacking process generally starts with drilling small diameter access holes in the slab, driveway or sidewalk that is strategically located to maximize lift. These holes are generally 5/8" diameter for urethane slabjacking and can be over 1" in diameter for traditional mudjacking applications. Initial material injections will fill any underslab void space. Once the void space is filled, subsequent injections will start lifting the concrete within minutes. After the slabs are lifted, the access holes are patched and the work is complete. The process is very rapid when compared to traditional "rip and replace" applications and is minimally disturbing to the surrounding areas.


When did mudjacking originate?

In civil engineering, concrete leveling (mudjacking) is a procedure that attempts to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon. It is a less expensive alternative to having the damaged concrete torn-out and replacement concrete poured, and is commonly performed all around the world. In 1977, the term concrete leveling was coined by Randall Greene in Cleveland, Ohio.He created the phrase to convey his company's ability to both raise and lower concrete to correct the insufficient grade of a slab.


What is Concrete Leveling with Foam Injection?

Foam leveling utilizes two part closed cell polymer expanding foam injected through a hole less than one inch in diameter, typically 5/8". Although the material is injected at a higher psi rate than traditional cementious grouts, the pressure is not what causes the lifting. The expansion of the injected material below the slab surface performs the actual lifting action. Material injected below a slab to be lifted will first find weak soils, expanding into them in such a manner as to consolidate and cause sub-soils to become more dense and fill any voids below the slab. One inherent property of expanding foams is that they will follow the path of least resistance, expanding in all directions. Another inherent property includes reaching a hydro-insensitive or hydrophobic state when cured with 100% cure times as little as 30 minutes. Closed cell polymer foams offer benefits which go beyond the goal of leveling hard surfaces. They will not retain moisture, which in northern climates can cause frost heaving. They are not subject to erosion once in place. Their fast cure time allows for immediate use when application is complete. Their light weight, 3 to 8 lbs. per cubic ft. vs. 100 to 120 lbs. per cubic ft. for cementious grout will not cause further settlement. Foams will retain their cured shape and volume indefinitely reducing the possibility of new voids forming below grade to nearly zero unless acted upon by some outside cause. Some closed cell polymer foams have baseline lifting capabilities of 6,000 lbs per sq. ft. and leveling procedures have been performed in which loads as high as 125 tons have been lifted and stabilized in a surface area of less than 900 sq. ft.


    Google Plus Review
    Brian Smith
    I had a sunken driveway slab so It was ether spend $5000 for a new driveway or have it fixed. I was recommended to use Boss Mudjacking from a friend of mine. They came out and got it done for a really good price. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and the cost. My neighbor saw all the action and had them do a quote on his sidewalk repair and repair the sidewalk the next day! These guys do great work for a great price highly recommended.
  • Yahoo Local Review
    Pierre Carlson
    We are very happy with our sidewalk and patio. This company takes great pride in what they do. And always kept a clean working area.
  • Ken Review
    This contractor did wonderful job to ensure that my driveway was level. They are very quick to respond to a call for their services. They did a great job that is to last for a long time. I do recommend them highly.
  • Got sunken concrete? Our mudjacking services will get the concrete back level in no time!.

    • Sunken Concrete
    • Driveway Repair
    • Patios & Sidewalks
  • We offer a wide range of concrete repair services such as leveling, spalling repair, crack sealing and replacement.

    • Concrete Leveling
    • Tear Out & Replace
    • New Installs
  • Foundation problems? We have a wide range of foundation repair tools and techniques to fix any damaged foundation.

    • Mud Jacking
    • Steel & Concrete Piering
    • Crack Sealing
  • Quite often the cause of sunken concrete is due to errosion and needs to be fixed so there is not a sunken area relapse.

    • Channel Check Devices
    • Sediment Barriers
    • Rolled Erosion Control Blankets
  • Sidewalks are notorius for sinking and with our mudjacking service we can have them back level in no time.

    • Mudjacking
    • Tear Out & Replace
    • New Construction
  • Grading, land clearing, excavation. We specialise in a wide range of dirt work services.

    • Land Leveling
    • Land Clearing
    • Dirt Work
  • Need irrigation services? We got you covered! Landscaping, Irrigation, Drainage Issues, Block Walls.

    • Landscaping
    • Drainage Systems
    • New Construction
  • We specialise in driveway repairs such as mudjacking, spalling repair, crack sealing and tear out replacement.

    • Concrete Leveling
    • Spalling Repair
    • Crack Sealing
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can mudjacking be used?

    Virtually any poured concrete slab such as a driveway, patio or sidewalk that has settled from its original placement can be a good candidate for concrete mudjacking. Boss Mudjacking has can level concrete sidewalks, driveways, concrete patios, outdoor steps, basement and garage floors, swimming pool aprons and parking lots.

  • How much will it cost?

    Besides how quickly it can be done and the ease in which mudjacking raises and levels a sunken concrete slab, it is also far less expensive than replacing the existing concrete with newly poured concrete. The average concrete leveling job only costs around 30% to 50% of the cost of tearing out and replacing the old concrete slab. With mudjacking not only do you save some cash, but this construction process can be performed in a couple of hours in most cases and the slab can be used the very same day. Each mudjacking job varies in cost so, we encourage you to call Boss Mudjacking for a specific project estimate.

  • Do you have more questions about any of our services?

    Call us at 816-301-6261 if you have any more questions. We will be happy to go over any questions you may have and set up a free estimate.

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